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My Desire – Live recording now up on soundcloud

Hi all,

we gave the studio an intense run for its money the other night following a thorough set up. Here are the fruits of our toil! This is a single …

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 About The Band:


Jekyll’s Ruse are a Nottingham band | Live music trio

The Name:

We chose Jekyll’s Ruse as a metaphor of how a persons good nature can prevail. The Robert Louis Stevenson novel “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” held the core ideology that a characters lesser evil was able to trick the bad into doing something morally good. We believe that every person struggles with the duality of human nature and has to overcome their own adversity to make themselves more complete.  In this respect Jekylls Ruse is something that people can relate to, an aspirational story showing that whilst good and evil exists in all, thought and reason can always prevail.

The Sound:

Devising a sound that is soothing yet unsettling, calm yet untamed is a difficult task but one that we have wholeheartedly committed to. We dont want to be just any other band, we want to produce music that is different and have adopted a philosophy of exploring our limitations,  of constantly challenging our abilities. This comes across through the diversity of the music that we play. We are constantly learning, evolving and growing. Drawing on our individual passions to push the band forward.

Band Members:

Dr Tommo (Charlesworth) (Gyroscopic) Giles: Fingering the bass, Synth, and being a general Whizz

Paulo (Rodrigues) (spandex ballet) Mason Smith: Drums in all time zones

Jonno (Red Neck) Ruse: Vox, Guitars and Electrically formulated jagged bits.

Jekylls Ruse @ The Maze, Nottingham, 30th August 2013

Jekylls Ruse | Nottingham Band | Live music Trio